sabato 16 aprile 2011


24HSP#2 - Manson

Godetevi il nostro secondo mixtape del dj spagnolo residente a Londra Manson.
Un' abbondante selezione di Chicago amalgamata da ottime tracce dub e bass.

Mixtape by Victor Manson (Spain, UK, Colectivo ABM, Republic Artists)

"In this podcast, I've tried to make clear and patent my influences, and the characteristics that it is common to find in my dj sets. So it is a mix full of cosmic atmospheres, organic percussions, a very deep mental groove over the two hours and an extensive manipulation dub, which gives personality to every and single song.
We also find a halo "made in Detroit " wrapping all the hold set. It can be perceived in the wide range of melodies, from tender to psychedelic, and in the tipical sounds from the analog machines that have helped the man to create this sound that means so much for me. I hope you all enjoy it. Thanks."

1. Omar-s - The Further You Look-The Less You Will See 

2. Kink - Kiss the Sky 

3. Dj Jus-Ed - Maryland Jam 

4. Ricardo Villalobos ft. Jay Haze - Sunday Prayer 

5. Omar-S - Blade Runner 

6. Delano Smith - I Fly 

7. Delano Smith - Cosmos Revisited 
8. Shawn Rudiman - Direct Box 
9. Lowtec - Use Me (Laid Mix) 
10. Kenny Larkin - You are...Light 
11. Lowtec - Use Me (Laid Mix)
12. Kevin Yost & Peter Funk - Solid Sold 
13. Alex.O.Smith - Kosmos 1402 
14. Luke Hess - Corridor's Solution (A Plea For Restoration) 
15. Petar Dundov - Waterfall 
16. Fred P. - It Is What It Is
17. Oni Ayhun - Untitled 
18. Petar Dundov - Sparkling Stars 
19. Motorcity Soul - Manic Mondays (Dub) 
20. Gerald Mitchell - Strongholds 
21. Redshape - Dog Day 
22. Lone - Pineapple Crush 
23. Third Man - Paucity (Vince Watson remix) 
24. Tevo Howard - Crystal Republic 
25. Roberto Bosco - Hong Kong (Rennie Foster Remix) 
26. Aquarhythms - Warm Seqs (Carl Craig Experience Mix) 
27. Layo & Bushwacka! - Now Is The Time 

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